Friday, February 11, 2011

Nokia chooses WP7 over Android

Going through the news reader this morning, I learnt that Nokia, one of the greatest manufacturers of mobile devices has chosen WP7 over Android. Not that I hate WP7 (as of yet, since I haven't tried it), but I would have loved to have my favorite Android on Nokia devices.
Being from India, where Nokia phones are seen as prime devices (at least till recently), and having used few of Nokia phones before, I was eagerly waiting to hear Nokia adopt Android.
Now, it will be an interesting market to see. I'm not much concerned how this affects WP7 (sorry Microsoft, not a big fan), though for the time being it will definitely be a breather for them. I'm worried about the future of Nokia. But still I hope that somewhere in future, Nokia will shake hands with the green robot !

BTW, did I hear somewhere that Nokia CEO Stephen Elop is a former Microsoft employee ! Ahem ahem ...

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